Cutting Board Care

Wood is naturally quite porous, so without a protective finish, it can absorb juices from your food, transferring colors and aromas from one recipe to the next. Worse, if excess moisture builds up inside that board, it can lead to warping and cracking as the wood unevenly expands, or, in the worst case, rots from within. Seasoning your wooden board right after you buy it and oiling it occasionally can prevent all of that from happening. All boards sold by us are already pre-seasoned, but you are still welcome to follow the oiling steps before first use. 

Do not put the cutting board in a dishwasher

Putting a wooden cutting board in the dishwasher is a death sentence. Instead...

Wash and dry by hand after use

When you are all set using the board, wash it by hand and dry it off quickly.

Do not soak it

If there’s grime stuck on the board, don’t even consider soaking it in water. A light scrubbing is fine on any cutting board, even the wood ones. 


Using your fingertips, sprinkle a few drops of water over your board. If the water starts to bead up on the surface it is time for a fresh coat of oil. Lightly used boards will need this done about every 6 months, heavily used boards about once every month. One of the best and cheapest oils to use is food safe mineral oil and can be purchased just about anywhere. You may also pick up butcher block oil that has additives such as beeswax that help put a protective film on the board. Regular oiling is easy to do, simply reapply a single thin layer and let the board rest overnight before use. 

What about all of those scratches?

Don't worry—some light sanding by hand can take care of those. Use a fine sandpaper that is made for dry or wet surfaces. The higher the number on a piece of sandpaper, the smoother the finish it will give. Use a grit of at least 220, but for a buttery-smooth finish on your board, hand-sand it with a 400-grit paper. Once the board is sanded, wipe it free of dust with a damp cloth, let it air-dry, then oil it to get it ready for your next use.